Autotech was founded for two reasons, first to establish an automotive service center that customers can truly trust and second, build a team of professionals to provide excellent service.

My passion for automobiles runs deep from my teenage years through today. I remember the first car I purchased, a 1976 MGB convertible. I have many fond memories of that car; most importantly this is how I met my wife as she was interested in buying it. Her father realized I spent more time working on it than dating his daughter, so he said there was no way he was going to help her purchase my car.

Our family has owned many vehicles, often I serviced each myself. I did this primarily due to the fact it was difficult to find a repair center that I could trust and not try to sell services we did not need. As I have been blessed with a wonderful wife and two daughters, I was always proactive servicing their vehicles. This provided me peace of mind knowing each would start and get them home safely.

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